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Bloom is a personalized workout companion designed to motivate users into a fitness routine tailored to their level, schedule, and interests.

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Boating & Weather

Gale is a navigation app that helps sailors access learning resources and real-time weather conditions, crucial for ensuring safety during ocean activities.

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UI Design


Vestige is an upcoming Indie Video Game developed by our team, DPS. This collaboration is a passion project being developed by college friends seeking to challenge our skills and knowledge. The game is in development and is currently in pre-alpha.

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UI Design • Ux Research • Mobile & Desktop


Artscape aims to encourage 6th-grade through 12th-grade students and interested individuals to become more engaged with learning about art history.

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UI Design • Mobile

Ramen Bar

Kiharu is an Atlanta-based ramen bar and Japanese Restaurant seeking a new design for their mobile store front.

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